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A law graduate from S.M. Law College started a professional career with Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem (Barrister at Law), the present Law Minister. During the tenure, Mr. Arsalan Wahid got opportunities as a counsel in numerous cases like income tax, sales tax, custom, intellectual property and assisted in High Profile cases to Dr. M. Farogh Naseem. Mr. Arsalan Wahid has been serving as an independent law practitioner in corporate cum commercial, Shipping, Freight, custom, Labour, Banking income tax, sales tax, intellectual property, cyber law, and real estate matter. Besides the above, has great experience in Freight forwarding and customs clearance matters.


Our core objective is to provide our clients proficient legal services, while staying in close collaboration with organizations and firms specialized in particular fields like technology, patent agents, and commissions, within the parameters as provided for by law. We add values to our clients’ prime interest as we tend to provide our clients effective and expeditious disposal of their cases on an individual basis while employing every possible innovation and technique in our practice to ensure the most effective legal protection for the client. We believe that the relationship between the advocate and the client is based on increased mutual trust – without this, productive cooperation would be unattainable. We are in the practice of constant search of the latest norms of the society and legal fraternity and keeping up with the latest legislative amendments, analysis of judicial practices and update the clients for their timely protection of business and rights.

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